M9 Bayonet Resources


Links to M9 and M7 Bayonet Collector Web Sites

m9m4.com - Featuring an expansive catalog of M9 Bayonet photos, including the some of the rarest M9's that exist.
old-smithy.info - A web page showing many different variations and manufacturers of the M9 bayonet.
worldbayonets.com - A collector's page with post WWII bayonets.
usmilitaryknives.com- A must-read article all about the M8 and M8A1 scabbards. Written by bayonet expert Gary Cunningham.

PDF Documents

History of Phrobis and M9 Bayonets - Society of American Bayonet Collectors 1992
M9 Phrobis Operator's Manual
History of M9 Phrobis Bayonet - Waffen Digest 1993
M9 Phrobis Article - Soldier of Fortune 1988
M9 Phrobis Army Material Review Report Referencing Chevron Mark 1987
Buck Non Conforming Material Report for M9 Phrobis 1987
Colonel Millet Promotional M9 Phrobis Poster
Mickey Finn Phrobis CEO Featured in People Magazine 1987
Phrobis/Marto MFK (Multipurpose Field Knife) Brochure
Franklin Mint Desert Storm Commemorative Plaque Knife Letter and Ad 1991
Buck 188 Full Tang Prototype Drawings 1994
M9 Lan-Cay Bayonet History Article 1996
M9 Ontario 2nd Contract ACU Foliage Green Letter 2006
M9 Lan-Cay MOLLE Compatible Bayonet Article 2002
M9 Lan-Cay MOLLE Compatible Bayonet Article 2003
M9 Lan-Cay Shallow Fuller Scrap Barrel Blade Letter 2002
M9-LW Lan-Cay Bayonet Letter February 2006
M9-LW Lan-Cay Bayonet Letter February 2007
Phrobis M9A1 Trials Manual
Phrobis M9A1 Trials Letter June 1991
Phrobis M9A1 Trials Drawing and Specifications 
Phrobis Complete History From Phrobis To Major Collector 
Australia Buck 188 Magazine Article March 1992
M7 Vietnam Bayonets of Honor Sales Letter from American Historical Foundation
M9 Phrobis Bayonets of Honor Sales Letter From American Historical Foundation
M9 Lan-Cay "US" Utility Bayonet Letter 2003
Ontario OKC Trials Bayonets For USMC Bayonet Letter 2003
Ontario OKC-3S Bayonet Description Letter 2003
M9 Lan-Cay "Product Improved" Bayonet Letter 2005
M9 Ontario "Combat" Commercial Bayonet Letter 2007
M9 LanCay First Contract 1st Model Letter 1993
M9 LanCay First Contract 2nd Model Laset Cut Blade Letter 2004
Phrobis CUK Spec Sheet and Blueprint
Ontario OKC-3S User Manual and Letter 2007
Ontario M10 Bayonet Letter 2005
M9 Lan-Cay "Product Improved" Bayonet Manual
M9 Ontario Split Contract Lime Green Bayonet 2006
M11 Lan-Cay EOD Knife Manual
M9 Lan-Cay USMC-FT Letter 2003